47 years old Ben Affleck’s recent makeover makes him look way younger and the transformation is shocking! Read to find out.

What year right? After Ben Affleck trim away all the silver hair in his isolate facial hair, the ‘Argo’ star looked as youthful and as really young looking as he backed in 1997!

Ben Affleck was radiating some genuine Chasing Amy vibes when he and sweetheart Ana de Armas, 32, took their canines for a stroll on Monday (May 25.) The 47-year-old Ben more likely than not discovered his scissors since he out of nowhere had a whiskers without a spec of dark in it. With his new haircut he looks more young than he ever was.


Without a doubt, they were still somewhat dim in the hair on his head, however that both recognizes his four or more many years of life and makes him look recognized. All things considered, if Diddy has indicated anything during the previous not many months, dark isolate facial hair are the chic COVID-19 design pattern. In any case, Ben accidentally took that pattern over the edge when he was spotted showing up at Jennifer Garner’s home toward the beginning of April.

While rejoining with his three children – Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 8 – the Dogma star’s facial hair was nearly as totally dim as the Boston Red Sox top he wore. While Ben isn’t as youthful as he was the point at which he showed up in Dazed and Confused, Mallrats, and Good Will Hunting, the dark in that photograph was a bit of alarming for a man who isn’t so much as 50 yet.


It shows up this more youthful looking Ben was the person who acquainted Ana with his children on May 23. In spite of the fact that every one of them five wore veils while taking their canine Birdie out for a walk, the pieces of Ben’s facial hair looking out of the cover appear to be less dark than previously.


This was a serious deal on the grounds that a source told  in April that Ben’s children meeting Ana “was not in any event, being examined or made arrangements for due to everything occurring with coronavirus.” However, the insider said that Ben was intense about Ana and that he in the end needed his and Jen’s children to meet her. This gathering would happen “when all is good and well,” and it appeared that “right” opportunity arrived sooner than anticipated!