450 Feet Guitar Shaped ‘Hard Rock’ Hotel Unveiled At Florida Casino And It Might Give Las Vegas A Run For Its Money!

The Hard Rock empire is not related to just some hotels and cafes. Over the decades, it has become a cultural trademark. The empire has successfully captured the imagination of the people by connecting itself with rock n roll and pop music history. The establishment is present all over the world – 74 countries and counting.  

But one particular Hard Rock hotel is making sure it stands out from the rest. In South Florida, a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has been remodeled to be shaped like an electric guitar. Almost 500 feet in height, the stunning building doesn’t only want to be for lodging. The heads behind the project wanted to make it a tourist destination as well. Think Las Vegas meets Hollywood in the middle of South Florida. 

On a clear day, you can see the building from miles away. Featuring a private man-made beach, a light show and waterworks entrance, a 195,000-square-foot casino, and a 7,000-person entertainment venue, this hotel isn’t only for gambling enthusiasts. You can even attend concerts and other events in the gigantic grounds. 

As for the lodging, there are more than 600 rooms to choose from. In addition to that, there is more one hotel adjacent to the guitar tower with 168 more rooms. The whole area has no less than nineteen restaurants to choose from. And the view is especially breathtaking at night. The whole tower lights up at night and you can see the architectural details come to life. 

But it wasn’t an easy feat. The new renovated Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Miami took a whole decade and some more to finish. On top of that, the investors spent $1.5 billion on the ambitious project. And if rumors are true, they are not done shelling money. The hotel is opening on Friday, October 25 with Maroon 5 as the headlining act.