33 year old Self made millionaire Fahim Saleh is dead with his corpse brutally mutilated with an electric saw! Read for more details.

A millionaire found dead in his apartment in Manhattan. The personality known by many, Fahim Saleh aged 33 years was too young to leave the world. His death was suspense to many after they heard about it. The CEO of Tech was a self-made millionaire who was excelling in his life and career.

There was nothing he was short of in life. A rich man with a good relation with his family, Fahim was a brilliant mind from his early days at work. A self-made millionaire, he had all that he wished for in life. 

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picture: the new diplomat

What was the sequence of events that led to his death?

The man was spotted by his sister at his apartment. A death that one would fear thinking about, he was electrified before he passed away. The discovery of his death was first led by his cousin who hadn’t heard from him in a day.

He used to socialize with his family and was living a happy life with them. after his cousin suspected that something ha happened, she went upstairs to his place and found his body in a miserable condition.

He had succumbed to his injuries and shock caused by the electric rod that he was beaten with. There has to be a thorough investigation into his death mystery so that the real culprit can be figured. From the available information, he was followed by someone from the elevator to his home where he had met with the accident described above.

His followers were surprised on hearing about the sad piece of news of his early demise. Life’s too short to keep grudges, learn how to forget and move ahead. Stay happy with the lifestyle that one has been subjected to and let peace prosper.