3 Best Fictional Drummers in Film to Show Your Students

Drumming is a fantastic pastime with many proven health benefits. Still, if you need a way to get people excited about drums, you may need something more exciting than health benefits. Fortunately, you can get students to see how fantastic drumming can be by showing them, well-known fictional drummers from the movies.

Today, we’re going to share our favorite fictional drummers with you. Hopefully, these will get your students as into drumming as you are!

1. Kim Pine

The first person to appear on today’s list has blessed us with their drumming talents. Kim Pine is a passionate, skilled instrumentalist who is one of the three primary bandmates in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, a movie about a musician trying to get a record deal while also saving the world from his girlfriend’s evil exes.

Kim is the drummer in Scott’s band and emotional support for her friends. She uses her skills as a percussionist for good in order to help her band succeed. Her talent as a drummer is put on full display during the battle against the fifth and sixth evil exes, Kyle and Ken Katayangi.

If you want to show students how to excel and perform like Kim, you may need the best drum mics you can find—and then get ready to rock out.

2. Devon Miles

The protagonist in the movie, Drumline, is Devon Miles, played by Nick Cannon. The actor’s skill with drums is impressive since he did much of his own drumming that is shown in the movie. Jason Price, Nick’s double, does most of the complex techniques that Devon does during the movie, but much of the drumming we get to see during the 2002 classic is performed by Nick.

In Drumline, a street drummer from Harlem is recruited by a Southern university to join the school’s intense marching band. Devon excels as a drummer, but he learns along the way that success is more than just skill but also heart.

Drumming changes Devon’s life in this coming-of-age film, something that many drummers may be familiar with—it may even have inspired them to learn the drum! If you know of a young, talented drummer thinking about college, recommend that they look into scholarships for drumming!

3. Gwen Stacy

Anyone who says girls can’t be superheroes or drummers has never met Gwen Stacy. One of the protagonists of the hit Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, Gwen Stacy happens to be her native universe’s Spiderwoman. She is a talented superheroine whose life changes after a radioactive spider bite.

During her backstory sequence, we get to see her absolutely shredding some drums. So who knows, maybe one of the health benefits of being a drumming rock and roll superstar could be superpowers?


Even fictional drummers can inspire young students to become better performers and see themselves as superheroes. Recommend these films to your students today. Maybe one day, they will inspire you with how much they have progressed!