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25 years of F.R.I.E.N.D.S- why are we still not over Phoebe and what made her such a unique character to remember?

Ask anyone. Literally anyone. And we see that F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the favorite series of most of the people. It doesn’t matter what haters say, but when so many people like this series, there must be something about it. And there is. F.R.I.E.N.D. S is one TV series that can make someone smile, laugh out loud, and cry at the same time. It is not just a series; It’s an emotion.


The six characters, namely Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe, created a whirlwind of emotions whenever we watched that show. Those feelings remained constant for ten seasons and 236 episodes.

However, out of the six characters, Phoebe Buffay was slightly different; And everyone will agree to that. Here are some reasons why we love her and why she deserves to be remembered.

1. She was a weirdo. Phoebe wasn’t normal like the others, and how often do we come across a person like that? She was quirky and had her own weird style of handling situations. That is one reason that made her special.

2. No matter what the situation was, Phoebe was always optimistic. She dealt with the situations in a very positive way and spread her good vibes to others too. She is exactly the friend we need during our tough times.

3. She was the definition of “chilled out.” Phoebe taught us not to take everything seriously. She taught us how to have fun and how it’s okay not to plan everything beforehand.

4. Confidence was her middle name. Phoebe was confident in herself and the way she carried herself. She knew she was the best, both in her singing and dating skills.

5. Phoebe was a huge animal lover. She cared for them so much that she never ate meat. She was strictly vegetarian and never failed to remind everyone how important it is to save animals.

6.  Phoebe was always out there. She spoke what came to her mind and didn’t care what others thought. And that was very refreshing for a change. She was brutally honest.

7. She was selfless. She cared deeply for her loved ones. When her brother told her that his wife was not able to conceive, she readily agreed to become the surrogate for them. She carried the baby in her womb for nine months only to give them away after the delivery.

8. She always believed in true love. We have all seen the wedding episode of Phoebe and Mike, and it brought back all the warmth and happiness.

9. Phoebe had an eccentric fashion sense, but she made everything look great. Her shoes, long skirts, gowns, and even the huge fur coat, she rocked every single outfit.

10. Even though she loved her friends, she had very strong moral values and lived up to them.

And that is why we fell in love with this selfless, funny, witty, sexy, and honest woman called Phoebe Buffay. And oh, she slew the song “Smelly Cat,” and there is no doubt about it that no one can do it better than her.

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