22 Year Old Man mercilessly Beats Mother To Death when she was stopping him from adulterous relationship with her own sister!! Crowd witnessed the death..

Blessing Ogbonna, the mother, never has thought in her dreams that her own kid will be the reason for her death. 

At Akpaa Mbato people group, Obingwa, in the Abia State of Nigeria, Blessing had a small house and lived with her only son.

The moment she realized her son is having an intimate relationship with her own sister, she tried stopping both of them. She cautioned them to stop the adulterous relationship.

But Agaezichi Ogbonna, 22 years old, murdered his mother mercilessly when she coaxed him to move away from the illicit relationship with the sister.

When on Saturday, she again caught both of them together even after so many warnings. She got annoyed and gave them a stern warning. But she didn’t have the haziest idea that it will be her last words. The son got so full of anger that he started bashing her blue and black. 

Blessing being old couldn’t take such blow and passed out in no time. As per local Agaezichi, he was regularly used to beat his mother whenever she tried stopping his advances towards his aunt. Regarding the issue, he was cautioned not only by his mother but even by the neighbors.

Many onlookers witnessed the brutal scene. When the couple felt the mother is dead, they tried to run away from the scene, but others caught Agaezichi. Whereas the sister got away and was not found yet.

He was then taken to the police station. Abia State Police commander, ACP Peter Opara, confirmed that Agaezichi is under arrest, and he will get a severe punishment for his wrongdoing.