2020 going to be Harry Potter year! Vera Bradley teaming up with Warner Bros on Harry Potter collection!


The new upcoming debut, an exclusive Vera Bradley + Harry Potter is going to be made up for next year. Fort Wayne, Ind. Is calling for all the wizards. Here, Vera Bradley and Warner Bros are teaming up to make the exclusive combo of the two.

The news about the partnership came out by the Vera Bradley in a press conference on Wednesday. The company further told that they would be teaming up to make new designs. They will be working with the design teams and work with the WBCP to design a whole new set with the theme of Back-to-campus and dorm lifeline featuring bags, accessories, stationery, drinkware, tech products, bath, and beddings. The items are announced to be available in the market by June 2020.

After the back-to-campus thing, the winter collection named as “cozy” would be out featuring products as robe, slippers and a sheared throw blanket. The products would be ready to purchase in November 2020.

The Vera Bradley told that they are very much thrilled to have a partnership with the Warner Bros. they would love to make products with fun and magic for their customers of all generations. And since the consumer products are much more inclined towards the Harry Potter theme.

There are many Harry Potter fans, and the Harry Potter theme would just drive them crazy and attract more consumers to buy their own product. In the Wizarding World, the devotees would just love to have the products of Harry Potter with them. The love for the Wizards is just never Old School.

The collection of Harry Potter is not out yet. The designs are still under a process and are yet to be released. The products with the combination of the two would be soon available in the market by next year and are expected to launch next year.