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“13 Reasons Why” star Timothy Granaderos character was shocking!! He reveals about his role Montgomery de la Cruz and how much he enjoyed the journey along the story.

Image: Seventeen Magazine

In an exclusive interview with Hollywood life, Timothy Granaderos has opened about what his show meant to him and about the shocking death of his character.

Timothy Granaderos has played the role of Montgomery de la Cruz in Netflix’s best thriller and cult series.

Netflix is doing its very best to unravel the story slowly and keep the chill when it comes to “13 Reasons Why. The finale of season 3 of “13 Reasons Why” has revealed another yet shocking twist, Montgomery de la Cruz is no more.

’13 Reasons Why’ star Timothy Granaderos stops by HollywoodLife’s portrait studio in New York City.

In “13 Reasons Why”, Monty was sent prison under the charges of sexual assault, and it was later revealed that Monty was found dead lying on his cell’s floor.

So the third season of “13 Reasons Why” has started going through the life of Monty for the very first time. For the initial two seasons of “13 Reasons Why”, Monty was mostly seen as an antagonist and has committed an assault against Tyler at the end of season 2.

Timothy Granaderos has reflected that it was a tragic ending for his role as his character was just becoming more open about himself in the story.

Timothy Granaderos has revealed that he had no idea what his role was dying until he was shooting for season three’s finale. He added that no one in the cast knew until the showrunner, Brian Yorkey, has revealed it during the shooting and that everyone was shocked by the way the story has turned out.

When Timothy Granaderos was asked about how he felt about his character, he revealed great things he felt while playing the character. Timothy Granaderos said that when Monty was first revealed in season 1 of “13 Reasons Why”, he was seen as a one-dimensional bully who is always seen shoving someone or pushing someone. He then went on to add that the story of this bully has turned out to be a complex and beautiful storyline of a kid who is just trying to figure himself just like everybody else around him.