13 reasons why season 4 [MAJOR SPOILER]: is Dylan Minnette aka Clay Jensen might die in the final season! Check out what the showrunner has to say and more updates.

13 Reasons Why is one of the most trending shows people are watching during this quarantine. On the other hand the there is a great hype among the fans season 4 of the show. The show us adapted from an eponymous book written by Jay Asher. All the season of 13 Reasons Why has been intense and controversial.


The plot extends from where Hannah Baker commits suicide. After that the show focuses on its main themes that are sexual assault, bullying, school authorities. It even focuses on gun violence by the end of season 2.

Clay Jensen, the show’s protagonist meets a sensitive and adorable boy who is helpless and is not able to get over from Hannah’s death. Unfortunately, even he meets the same fate.


Death is a consistent theme of the show that has been explored along with the other serious issues like mental health and harassment. Now fans are wondering whether season 4 will keep up with the show’s pattern will Clay dye by the end of the final season?

Well, answering this question is quite difficult, the course of the fourth season is not yet confirmed. However, the news that Clay will die is confirmed. And some of the tweets by Dylan Minnette also suggest that he is gonna die in this season. He has been an important character of the show since so long.


Season 3 concludes with Tony and Clay disposing the gun which Tyler had. Clay took the gun from him to save himself. Now Clay will have to bear the consequences of this. And it would be interesting to see whether his death will unfold with this event. While in the show Clay has always been shown as deeply affected with the wrong going on in the school and society.