13 Reasons Why final chapter, season 4 is awaited. Hard to guess what’s coming ahead in the story!!!

Netflix’s most controversial high school saga 13 Reasons Why is anticipated to return for its final chapter. The notable show, initially based on Jay Asher’s most-read book of the same name which later outpaced the story of the actual source material is all set to return once again.

There are no exact official details of confirmation as to when season 4 will be released but it was officially declared on August 1, 2014, that the show will show up for season 4 too. Generally, Netflix drops a trailer just a week before its premiere date, as was seen in the case of season 2 and 3, thus season 4 too might release its trailer a hand closer before it is premiered.

The last episode of season 3 ended revealing the truth behind who killed Bryce walker and left the story with dead burying the dead. Beginning the actual story from Hanna’s reason to die the show shifted the story to Bryce’s reasons to die and the show ended up making things unclear leaving the audience in very much suspense.

Like as the final episode of season ended with Monty’s partner Winston proving Monty’s alibi as he was sentenced to prison, Monty’s unexpected death in prison,  fisherman astonishingly pulling out bag full of weapons, Tony, Clay and Tyler’s spring fling mystery still an unrevealed secret, and many more incidents which left us in confusion.

Since no official trailer or teaser has been released yet, it’s hard to predict what’s coming next in the story. Different twists and turns, and crazy truth left to be revealed is all that can be expected. Also, it’s unknown to assume the new characters that might take entry.

Although a complete unpredictable story is expected, it’d be interesting to watch Clay holding hands as he starts his dating life with Ani. Justin and Jessica patching up, Tyler living back his old happy life, Tony meeting up his family in Mexico and others trying to fall back in their normal lives keeping aside the adversities.

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