13 reasons Why: A Show that Never Stops Surprising the Viewers; Diego in a Confusion after Monty’s demise which will Steer the Direction of the Show

13 reasons why an American web series based on the novel with the same name. the series is officially the best selling and the most-streamed till date, especially among the teenagers. The story revolves around a high school student named Clay Jensen who takes his life after being bullied by his peers at high school and was short of help or a lent ear by any of his acquaintances. Slightly depressed, the story is more or less about the way he tackles depression in his teenage.

The story then develops on the notion of knowing the reasons behind his death lead by his friends.


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The character is a new appearance in the show and is known for his football skills. He is one of the keen characters of the series who wishes to know the mystery behind his friend, Bryce’s death, and the role of Monty in the same. Several times, due to the circumstances and the aftermaths of Bryce taking his life away, will Jan have to face rage from others in the series.

He is seen teaming up with Diego for his soccer matches and otherwise is also a good friend to him as he finds solace in him and finds him to be brother-like. His quest for the reasons behind Bryce’s death was always the first priority, until his own friend, Monty dies in the due course too. Now, Diego is caught between two worlds, one where he wishes to know the reason behind his friend Bryce’s death and the other his teammate, Monty’s death.


The story becomes more complicated and that’s what catches the fans to remain tethered to their chairs to watch the show progress. The show isn’t justified until the reason is known by them and which is why the story carries forward in a way to get that pointed out. For Diego, it’s no more a question of prioritisation, but clearly managing the two simultaneously.