11-year-old boy dies due to inhalation of toxic silo fumes

A 11 year old boy Alex Bosel breathed his last on Friday at Minneapolis Hospital after fighting one week for his life.
Inhalation of toxic silo led to the death of a 11 year old

A tragic accident which took place on 22nd December at Minnesota town of Millerville claimed the life of three people. An 11 year old boy, Alex Bosel died on Friday at Minneapolis Hospital due to inhalation of toxic grains inside a grain silo on farm. His uncle died on the spot of the accident and his father died on the morning next day when the incident occurred.

On 22nd December the fire chief got a call in the morning for an emergency on Gravel Pit Road who immediately recognized it as the assistant fire chief’s address. When he reached the farm he found the assistant chief atop a grain silo overcoming by toxic fumes. His son twelve year old was already unconscious by the time respondents arrived. His uncle went to the top of the silo to save him and his father who too inhaled too much of toxic fumes leading to his death.

Grief and prayers in the society
Alex’s aunt wrote in Friday on a Facebook post saying that,” fly sweet boy fly. We didn’t get the miracle and prayer that we all hoped for,but you have given the miracle of life to so many others. We love you and will miss you always.” The family learned on Thursday night that Alex could not make out of the tragedy when his sedation was weaned off.

His another aunt wrote that the miracle they hoped for might become one for others through organ donation and Christmas miracle of Alex is giving life to others. Community members of the town has rallied around the families and a GoFundMe account has also been raised for donations to divide among the families.