10 easy ways to stay motivated everyday!

As we proceed in our lives, we are facing different things which are challenging to cope with. Competition is the biggest thing that we have to deal with every day. This created anxiety, fear of failure, and stress in our lives. All this even leads to inefficiency, and we are losing our motivation to perform better.

The world is full of different types of people. While some are expressive enough to share their problems and get help, some are hideous about their problems and emotional conflict happening within them. They try to help themselves in every possible way.

Here are some tips and ways to keep yourself motivated in difficult times:

  1. Love and Acknowledge yourself

This is very important to understand, especially for today’s generation. We often seek love from an outsider rather than loving ourselves first. Loving yourself doesn’t mean only emotionally but also keeping care of yourself. Loving oneself makes one feel confident about herself/himself.

love yourself

  1. Making relations with people who care

Now that we have started to love ourselves, we should keep in mind who are the ones who stay are in our surroundings. People who genuinely care about, are ready to help you in any situation should be the ones close to us. Advice coming from them will help you in stressful situations.


  1. Life is a collection of phases

All events in our life are ‘phases.’ Just like a happy phase, we are bound to experience a stressful phase too. Unfortunately, there is no escape from these situations as they are not in our hands. But we can surely hold ourselves and stay positive until it passes. Remember, no phase is permanent in our life.

phase of life- Happy Sad

  1. Take a Break

We all get bored with the everyday monotonous routines we have to follow in our life. We can’t also leave this routine as it is responsible for our livelihoods. But a break is always a solution. A mini-vacation or just relaxing at home. A break always helps. Make sure you cut off from all the stressful things during that break, and it’s only you and your mental peace.

Vacation- relaxation

  1. Recognize the Purpose

We all have some purpose when we work for something. Never let that purpose slip out of your mind. The purpose takes us near to our goal. Make sure to think about that purpose and goal for just two minutes. Nothing can then steal your motivation from you.

purposeful life

  1. Meditate Daily

Practicing meditation and focus every day helps a lot. Not only it is good physically for our body; it also helps us keep calm and control our feeling. The effect of regular meditation is best seen when dealing with stress in life. It makes us focused and help us pass the phase with ease.


  1. Acknowledge your strengths

It is strange that whenever we are asked to list down our strengths, we are clueless, but we have a whole list of our weaknesses ready with us. Strengths are the things which will help us grow in our life and compete with this world. This can be highly motivating as it awakens the self-confidence. No doubt, we can always work on the weakness and make them our strengths.


  1. Learn from mistakes

Often we get highly demotivated whenever we make a mistake. This is where we go wrong. The key is to learn from mistakes and move ahead with life. Nobody is born perfect in this world, and us as humans are bound to make mistakes and learn from them.


  1. Make an account of achievements

Make sure to note down even the smallest of achievements you made during your lifetime. It need not be a trophy or a certificate always. These victories show that you are equally capable as everyone else, and there is nothing you cannot achieve in your life.


  1. Sleep on time

Today’s generation has a habit of working late till night and then waking up early and run for work. This is very harmful to our body. Lack of sleep keeps the brain tired and makes it inefficient. If our mind is not fresh, no motivation will come from within to perform better. There will be a feeling of drowsiness and sluggish throughout the day.