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The Xbox Wireless Headset is a strong workhorse because of several truly brilliant design ideas and better-than-average sound. It additionally has a couple of elements that aren’t really downright terrible, can’t be portrayed as great, similar to its microphone and its battery life. It nails the significant stuff, however, and the helpful features far exceed the issues when you’re discussing a $100 headset. While it will not alarm any very good quality home theater headset matches, it’s a solid and adaptable mid-level pick for everyday Xbox use.

Xbox Wireless Headset – Design and Features

The Xbox Wireless Headset looks exceptionally exquisite. Formed in dark shaped plastic with simply a sprinkle of Xbox green on the jars, the mix of thin, sharp edges on the top band with the not-exactly concentric circles of the external ear cups and ear padding make a striking look that is at the same time smooth and open. Similar to Sony’s Pulse 3D headset, it’s designed to resemble a counterpart for comfort.

xbox headset

Top Band

The customizable top band – hard plastic with a steel inward frame – looks slender, yet acclimated to accommodate my wide head fine and dandy. The sides of the band slide so you can change the fit: there’s a material reaction as you change, causing you to keep track as you track down your fit, however it comes up short on a visual indicator to help you match the change on the two sides. The inward substance of the band features leatherette-covered froth padding, which is firm, however agreeable. Of course, at just 10.97 ounces, the padding doesn’t have to keep that much weight off your head.


The earcups are likewise cushioned with strong leatherette and froth. That padding makes a seal that gives a generally little, yet perceptible aloof commotion dropping impact. All things considered, the padding can be somewhat tyrannical. While the space inside the jars looks and sounds huge, occasionally I would see some portion of the padding awkwardly scouring against the base of my ear. It’s fixable, yet additionally, a sign that possibly the cups are excessively little, or possibly set excessively tight. Within, the headset features 40mm drivers, which produce a sharp, concussive sound.

xbox headset

The Xbox Wireless Headset’s best asset is its basic however smooth earcup controls. Rather than stacking the rear of the earcups with a heap of unintelligible catches, it fans out its controls utilizing dials and only a few catches, which are all effectively discernable by contact. The external circles of the earcups are both turning dials: Your correct ear controls volume, your left controls game/talk blend. There are only two catches on the left cup: Directly in the back, you have a long, meager blending/power button. Beneath it, on the base of the mic blast, you have a level, inset mute catch. In conclusion, there’s a to some degree covered up USB-C port on the privilege earcup, in the hole between the internal earcup padding and external dial. Given their positions and shapes, you’d never botch one control for another once you realize where everything ought to be, which makes them endlessly more helpful than by far most installed headset controls.


The microphone, in the interim, has some high points and low points. In a mic test in Logitech Capture, which I use to prepare video calls, I tracked down that the mic added a slight metallicity to higher tones. The squat blast is additionally altogether too short to get it appropriately changed before your mouth. Shockingly, however, it gets your voice unmistakably. All things considered, similar to the Pulse 3D headset, it additionally gets a ton of surrounding commotion.

xbox headset

In the two cases, blending the headset is unfathomably simple; just hold the matching catch on the headset for a couple of moments, at that point either hold the matching catch on your Xbox or go through the Bluetooth blending measure on your PC or cell phone. The headset gives you sound from whatever gadget you combined with last, so you do have to match each time you switch gadgets, however, it’s a basic cycle.

Battery Life

Battery life is somewhat of a shaky area, however. As per Microsoft, the Xbox Wireless Headset should last as long as 15 hours on a solitary charge. My testing found that it kept going through in excess of an entire day of play, which is in accordance with the organization’s gauge. Numerous headsets we’ve tried, for example, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 and the Razer Nari Ultimate, can go as long as 20 hours, however, which can be the distinction between getting three and four days of the playoff a solitary charge.

Xbox Wireless Headset – Software

The Xbox Wireless Headset offers fundamental EQ customization and a couple of different settings on both Xbox consoles and PC through Microsoft’s Xbox Accessories application. Wipe and obviously spread out, the application permits you to change the headset’s levels, either utilizing a progression of presets or making your own, however, you can’t save custom profiles. You can likewise actuate auto-mute and mic monitoring, or change the microphone indicator lighting.

xbox headset

Contingent upon how you approach it, the application is either frail or a much-needed refresher. By PC guidelines, the settings here feel like the absolute minimum. On Xbox, however, where design applications are as yet rare, any customization is superior to nothing. Indeed, even with a couple of outright oversights – for instance: if there’s an info test on my Elite: Series 2 regulator, shouldn’t there be a microphone sound check for the headset? – this will feel like an update for most Xbox players.

Xbox Wireless Headset – Gaming Performance

The Xbox Wireless Headset gives a bassy sound that figures out how to remain fresh across its full reach. In the same way as other spending plans and mid-range headsets, it conveys a bass-substantial soundscape that sneaks up all of a sudden when the projectiles go off and things get touchy, in say, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. In contrast to different headsets, however, its profound lows don’t affect how it sounds outside of those circumstances. In Control, the in-game exchange comes through fresh and clear. The always infringing sound of the Hiss stays particular from the echoey messages that come from the past. Furthermore, in Fuser, you get a great partition between the channels, which allows you to dive into the individual bits of the tunes in your blend.

xbox headset

The Xbox Wireless Headset bolsters the Xbox’s numerous virtual encompass sound principles, including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone:X. Utilizing Dolby Atmos, my top pick of the three, the headset gives solid, valuable positional sound. In Control, the sound of the Hiss felt like it encompassed me. In Call of Duty, I could observe the directionality of strides, and find a foe dependent on the sound of a shot cruising past my head. All things considered, even with Atmos, the Xbox Wireless Headset’s encompass sound doesn’t make a similar feeling of spatial mindfulness as Sony’s Tempest framework in the PS5, especially when utilized with the Pulse 3D headset.

In non-gaming circumstances, the headset has a touch more limits. Tuning in to music on Spotify, I found that melodies like “Love Again” by Dua Lipa come through marginally compacted. The music is clear, however certain pieces of the melody feel like they’re consolidating. These sorts of gentle aural blemishes aren’t extraordinary for a gaming headset, particularly at this value point. Simultaneously, I’d significantly more promptly prescribe these to an Xbox player than somebody on PC, where there are more choices with all-around brilliant sound.

Final Thoughts

The Xbox Wireless Headset is very strong. A smart design, extraordinary control format, and simple matching make it charmingly easy to utilize. Furthermore, its sound, while not marvelous, is as great or better than most Xbox headsets in its value range, with a microphone that is clear as long as there’s not all that much commotion behind the scenes. For most Xbox players, it should feel like an overhaul and fit perfectly. And keeping in mind that it turns out great with PC, there are more choices with more hearty features in that market, making it a harder sell for PC-just players.

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