iFixit: New Apple TV 4K easy to repair, unlike the redesigned Siri Remote!!!

With new Apple items formally dispatched, iFixit is currently destroying them.

Its most recent video is about the new Apple TV 4K and the second-age Siri Remote, and it turns out the new Siri Remote isn’t at all simple to fix.

As we as a whole know, Apple is by and large not extremely easy to understand in the maintenance of its own items, however, Apple TV has never been an issue in such manner. Since it has had a similar plan for more than six years, everything necessary is some meddlesome to open up the base plate and afterward the standard Torx screwdriver to gradually take out the enormous fan, rationale board, heat sink, and force supply.

iFixit: New Apple TV 4K easy to repair, unlike the redesigned Siri Remote

Inside the new Apple TV 4K, it’s feasible to see the A12 Bionic processor, which is similarly found on the iPhone XR and iPhone XS and is perhaps the best expansion to the set-top box. iFixit likewise found that the misty box is really straightforward to infrared light, which implies you don’t need to unequivocally direct the far off toward the set-top box.

Then again, the new Siri Remote wasn’t that simple to destroy.

It is made of aluminum and elastic catches. It has an amplifier for Siri, an IR transmitter, a Lightning connector for charging and uses Bluetooth 5.0 innovation.

To destroy it, iFixit originally attempted to eliminate its screws, however, it didn’t open up. Then, the organization chose to eliminate the tough catches, and that is the point at which they found more screws. Fortunately, the 1.52 Wh battery is just stuck softly so it didn’t take a lot of power to haul it out.

The last reparability score for the new Apple TV 4K was 8 out of 10. The Siri Remote wasn’t evaluated, yet it sure wouldn’t get an evaluation higher than 2. You can check in the video underneath the full Apple TV 4K teardown.

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