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Apple unveils the AirPods Max: The most advanced headphones from them till now

Pre-orders are available now and the products will be available from December 15

Apple has shown up to add a new item to your holiday shopping: over-the-ear, wireless headphones that promises to deliver the best sound Apple could come up with. It will also determine how much people are going to spend for high-quality sound.

The AirPods Max will cost $549 in the United States and Rs. 59,900 in India. The price is way higher than its competition from Bose and Sony, and it offers similar features as well. The price is more than double of their in-ear wireless headphones.

Aimed at the affluent


The price is already the most-talked matter when it comes to the new headphones. It’s price is already higher than the iPhone 11. It is still cheaper in the United States as $549 is Rs. 40,500. The AirPods Max is available to order right now on the Apple website and its authorised resellers.

You will still need to wait till December 15 for it to be available on stores. The colours include space gray, silver, sky blue, green and pink.

The headphones have been rumoured to hit the markets soon for a long time. Despite the pandemic, Apple has been releasing products like the new Apple Watch Series 6, four variants of the iPhone 12, and Mac computers that will run on its own internally designed processors instead of Intel processors.

There have been low-priced products in this list, which has been aimed at consumers who had it rough during the pandemic, such as the iPhone 12 mini. However, the AirPods Max is definitely aimed for the more affluent customers who are looking for more apple accessories for their phones. The in-ear AirPods are still available at prices between $159 and $249.


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