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Plan Your Next New Year Resolution With This Interesting Netflix Release, Minimalists: Less is More!

It seems like Netflix is helping us to get on our new New year resolution as the streaming giant is bringing home an interesting docuseries that might just change your life for the better!

Get On Your New Year Resolution With Netflix’s Upcoming Release, Minimalists: Less is More!

Netflix brings to you an inspirational and helpful documentary titled The Minimalists: Less is More that will inspire to declutter your life and minimise your needs to only to the necessary things! We

The documentary is all set to release on 1st January, while it might help you get on to your new year’s resolution. Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus take us to an interesting journey that tries to make a point by saying that our memories do not lie in material things but ourselves! We already have a trailer released by Netflix that will help you get into the details! The statements would surely will leave behind a mark!


Less Is Definitely More According To These People!

As these two people go around and look into some first-hand experiences that claim how by removing the unnecessary materials and keeping only the minimal changed their lives for the better! Life can be more meaningful by just removing the extra that we might think we need, but we really don’t!


As one of the hosts says, he surely was living the American dream but it was not his dream! Picking out the excess definitely changed his life for the better as the two head out to change a few more lives on the way. The documentary is definitely  going to be a must watch for everyone who is looking out for some inspiration and more! 

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