Disney+’s “Willow” is out and here’s what we think about it

Willow: An Interesting Story Yet A Lagging Characterization

The youngest son Adam makes a terrible mistake in judgment during a Mother’s Day, preferring to watch “Willow,” that has the ability to change people’s lives then spend time with his loving but intrusive mother. When the disagreement reaches a boiling point, Adam tells his mother that he despises her and dashes to the theatre to see what he believes would be the next great series from a legendary filmmaker.

Two hours later, after realizing “Willow” wasn’t even worth viewing, much less worth committing emotionally, he returns in a state of despondency.

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To be fair to the 1988 movie, “Willow” wasn’t a total dud, at least not in the way that we now define a bad movie in the current generation. “Willow” would have been for many producer-director pairings the successful start to a lengthy career with a box office super-hit on the budget and a fervent cult following, however modest it might seem.

At the conclusion of the first episode, it appears to provide the predictable but also a clever twist in the plot that establishes the series appropriately. Though, the actor Warwick Davis who played Willow is well-known for his absolute performance to each and every character he played so far, his timing in humor department lacked in the series. Other characters seemed more into the comic thing and sharp tongue than what we could have expected.

The fact that his character is a sorcerer and the guardian of ancient lore and prophecies causes the story to become stuck in one thing not allowing to follow other routes. Without Willow, things seemed better but when he enters the plot went into a bit messy but also watchable.

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Though the story started to lag a bit after its half done, it is still a watchable series which interesting graphics and plotlines of beyond the world the leads used to live in. Willow is currently streaming in Disney+, and is a must try experience to the suspicion in your taste of ancient themed series.