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Dying Light 2: Latest video shows gameplay and possible release date

The highly anticipated game will be out in 2021

Fans have been impatiently waiting for updates on Dying Light 2, and the developer Techland has responded by releasing a new video update. The video contains some exciting gameplay clips, but it starts with members from the development team reading some tweets, all from fans who are desperately waiting for the game that they even started using swear words at the developers. But it was funny overall, and Techland informed viewers to wait patiently and that the game is coming out in 2021.

Making it just right


This was a unique and interesting way for the developer to address the fans, and it is clear that they understood the anticipation that fans have for the game. They expressed their understanding and added that “when the circumstances are hard for everyone.” While they didn’t directly address the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it seemed all too clear that it did have something to do with delayed production. After all, the pandemic affected the video game industry just as much as the film industry and other businesses.

But the pandemic also raised demand for video games as many took to gaming as a means of escapism.

New gameplay


After reading the mean tweets and addressing the situation, Techland showed about 20 seconds of gameplay footage, and we can see the protagonist Aiden Caldwell’s parkour abilities as he leaps of buildings and attacks enemies, and the ones he was shown attacking were humans, meaning rival gangs are at work. A new zombie with multiple limbs were also shown from behind.

Since “2021” was displayed at the end, we can expect the game to come out during the second half of the year. That means, a trailer will be up soon.

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