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Rodney Alcala: Story of a Serial Killer! Check out to know everything about ‘The Dating Game Killer’!!!

Rodney Alcala's Story
Rodney Alcala, the former Orange County man known as The Dating Game Killer when he was convicted of murdering at least seven women, was charged Tuesday in the 39-year-old killing of a woman whose body was found buried near Granger, Wyo. in 1982. Above, photos of Rodney Alcala in the 1970's and 1980's. Photos courtesy of the Huntington Police Dept. and Orange County Register Credits: The Mercury News

The serial killer who also won the reality show, ‘The Dating Game Killer’, Rodney Alcala, back in the 1970s while he was in the middle of his sequential killing journey.  Looking at the date and year, you might think the story is a history or something like that. Probably, this player has created one, but history is not a good one. It is a story that indulges intense thrilling murders of hundreds and a close victim of the predator. Divulge into the article to know the story of Rodney Alcala who is in prison in California!

The True Story Of 'The Dating Game Killer,' Rodney Alcala

The story of crimes of Rodney Alcala:

Born on  August 23, 1943, is presently prisoned in jail in California. Alcala is a convicted rapist and murderer who have been charged with many murders in his lifetime and has gone through many trials.

At first, he was sentenced to death in California for five murders from the year 1977 and 1979 in the state. He was also charged with twenty-five years of prison for two homicides in New York. This is not the only murder Alcala is charged for. The number of is victims still remained unidentified and there could be many more victims that are out of police records yet.

Winning The Dating Game Killer in the middle of the trial:

Rodney Alcala won the Bachelor Number One in The Dating Game Killer in 1978. He was awarded a date with his match, Cheryl Bradshaw, who survived luckily. Cheryl Bradshaw said in 2012 that she began to feel sick as Alcala was acting creepy. So, she turned his offer down. She added that she does not want to see him again.

Chilling story of how charming US Blind Date contestant was secretly a serial killer who raped and murdered 7 women

It is believed that he might have killed more than hundreds of people. In his list, a pregnant woman is also included. A collection of 1000s of pictures of women, teenage girls, and boys, all in explicit poses were found with him.