Will Smith had a proper discussion on ongoing politics and violence with political commentator Angela Rye! Check out what went through.

Will Smith plunked down for a conversation with political pundit Angela Rye to talk about race, police brutality and fights in the wake of George Floyd’s demise.

During the almost 30-minute discussion on the “On 1 with Angela Rye” digital broadcast, Smith opened up about his youth in Philadelphia and being known as a racial slur by cops.


“I grew up under, you know, Mayor Rizzo. He went from the head of police to turning into the city hall leader and he had an iron hand. I’ve been called [N-word] by the cops in Philly on in excess of 10 events,” he said. “I comprehend what it resembles, you know, to be in those conditions with the police, to feel like you’ve been involved. It’s a possessing power.”

Smith included: “White children were upbeat when the cops appeared. What’s more, my heart consistently began beating.”

The Philadelphia Police Department declined to remark when reached Friday.

The on-screen character and performer additionally discussed George Floyd, a Black man who kicked the bucket in May after a Minneapolis cop held his knee on Floyd’s neck for around eight minutes. In a video of the occurrence, Floyd over and again said he was unable to relax.

“At the point when it occurred, I promptly observed the world moving… I could feel the move occurring, and I quickly went into a condition of study,” Smith said. “I could feel that I would have been approached in a manner that was not the same as anything that had ever occurred in my vocation and in my life, and I simply needed to be set up to meet the seismic move of the occasions.”

Smith disclosed to Rye that he thinks we are managing strange conditions and applauded the more youthful age for dissenting.


“The whole globe has stood up and said to the African American individuals, ‘We see you and we hear you. How might we help?’ We’ve never been there,” he said. “I was profoundly supported by the intrinsic network of the dissidents comprehensively.”

Later in the discussion, Smith offered some counsel to the more youthful age.

“Try not to surrender to coldness regardless of how much insidious you face, since you harm yourself and you poison your own locale,” the 51-year-old entertainer said.


He likewise discussed his new film “Liberation” in which he plays a runaway slave named Peter. Smith said he decided to do the film now since he felt like “we need to comprehend the truth of where we originated from.”

The two additionally quickly examined Smith’s involvement in prejudice in Hollywood.

“The absolute most supremacist encounters I’ve at any point had, probably the most bigot things I’ve at any point heard someone state has been in story gatherings in Hollywood,” he said.


When requested a model, Smith reacted: “You can’t make that film with an African American lady since white individuals would prefer not to see that. Simply make it with a white young lady or a Latin young lady.”

Smith said he told the individual they weren’t right.