Will Deadpool Appear in Doctor Strange 2? Here’s What the Creator Said

The Multiverse of Cameos is looking good

The official trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness debuted yesterday. The movie will be a major turning point for how the MCU’s future will look like, and will introduce a lot of characters. One such character is Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. Is the Merc With the Mouth making his official MCU entry? Let’s find out.

The poster

Deadpool in the poster
Marvel Studios

Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and their catalogue of Marvel movies in a massive merger. With that came the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and of course, Deadpool. Fans are excited to see him interacting with the other heroes in the MCU, and perhaps, we are closer to seeing that than we imagined.

In the new poster for The Multiverse of Madness, we see what looks like Deadpool in a broken shard. Fans managed to catch Captain Carter’s shield with ease, but only the eagle-eyed ones saw this. The image has been zoomed to its maximum capacity, and it really does look like him. Or it could be another superhero with a red costume and black and white eyes. But the ‘hush’ pose that he is doing seems to indicate that it’s indeed Deadpool.

Patrick Stewart makes his MCU debut with this movie, and in Google’s cast list for the movie, Ryan Reynolds appears right next to him.

What the creator said

Rob with his wife Joy and Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld also saw the various tweets and shared his views. Liefeld previously said that he’s “super excited” for his character’s next outing, but he did advice caution. In May 2020, he had expressed his disappointment, saying Deadpool will not fit into Marvel President Kevin Feige’s plans for the MCU. He added later that Marvel has “zero” plans for the movie. In fact, he didn’t see it happening until 2024.

His latest response is sharing some cryptic messages, and heavily seems to hint on his arrival. Besides, Doctor Strange 2 will be really dark, so Wade Wilson is the only person who could lighten it up. We will wait and see.