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Why No Man Wants To Date our very own Kylie Jenner? The Reason is rather Strange

Kylie Jenner is gorgeous and one of the most successful women out there. She is probably in every other man list of crushes. She has starred in the E! reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians from the time of 2007. She is also the founder and owner of her cosmetic company Kylie Cosmetics. Still even after being such a famous dream for many Kylie has not found her forever love till now.

Why does no one want to date the gorgeous Kylie Jenner? One of the reason may be because of all the media attention she gets. She is part of one of the famous reality show in the world which glorifies her personal life. Kylie is someone who lives for attention which in general is not a cup of tea for many.

Many of her ex-partners parted ways for this reason itself as the media is always so engaged in her personal life always. Kylie work and life go hand in hand with media attention. This eventually setbacks many of her partners from spending their life together.

Kylie was born with a silver spoon which in the great sense make her a spoilt brat. The attention and demands are obviously not possible for everyone apart from her own family. Many fans have claimed her as greedy and someone who’ll do anything or leave anyone for her own self-satisfaction. Kylie doesn’t care for anyone else except her which also makes her a very Bad Friend,

There is no constant friendship and also relationship for Kylie in her life. In simple according to many it would a real hard affair for the one dating Kylie Jenner. Travis Scott came as far as having a baby but still was the unfortunate one to fell prey of breakup.

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