Unseen Aspects of “Titanic” Singer’s Life to be at Forefront in Irene Taylor Directed Documentary of Celine Dion!

Documentary to represent Celine Dion’ life

“My heart will go on” from 1997’ film “Titanic” still gives us chill. The voice behind that heart-wrenching song Celine Dion is now going to portray her life and career through a documentary.

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Irene Taylor will direct this untitled documentary. Production has already begun. Sony Music Entertainment’ premium will produce it in a partnership with Sony Music Entertainment Canada and Vermilion Films.

Celine Dion | Instagram

Where it all started

The French Canadian singer belongs to a musically inclined family. She started singing when she just five years old. At the age of 12 Celine wrote her first song “Ce n’était qu’un rêve” with help of her mother and brother. That song was released in Quebec, Canada in 1981 as a single. In 1992 Celine recorded the theme song of Disney’ animated feature “Beauty and the Beast”. It was her breakthrough into the pop music industry.

Dion has sold almost 250 million albums worldwide and has also won multiple Grammys. The singer is popular internationally for her songs such as “The power of love”, “My Heart Will Go On”, “I am Your Angel”, “ Because You Loved Me” and more.

What Dion says?

Celine Dion’ life based documentary going be directed by Irene Taylor
Celine Dion |Instagram

Celine Dion said in the context of the documentary that she has always been an open book to her fans. Irene will be able to show the part of the singer which fans have not seen, using her thoughtful creativity. Celine believe that Irene will tell her story in most “honest and heartfelt” way.

On the other side the multiple award winner director said that it’s an extraordinary opportunity for her to work with the legendary singer. She also added that getting a chance to examine Dion’s life and her unique career will allow her to portray it with a multifaceted way.

Sony Music Entertainment will distribute the upcoming documentary.