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Two arrests have been made in the Run-DMC DJ’s Murder case and here is Jam Master Jay’s family reaction to it!

The Run-DMC DJ, Jason Mizell who is popularly known as Jam Master Jay died of murder in 2002. He was killed by shooting him in a recording studio at Queens in New York City twelve years ago. He died at the age of thirty seven years, which is unfortunately a very early period for someone to die. However, case and investigation about who murdered him has been going on since very long. But finally, we have got some hopes as two of the suspected culprits have been taken in custody of the police.

Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan have been arrested in this case, moreover, allegations of narcotics trafficking have also been put on both of them. In addition, earlier also they have been a part of firearm-related murder and Jordan have also been participating in many other narcotics distribution counts.

Jordan was taken in police custody on Sunday, while his law session will take place through a video conferencing on Monday. Washington on the other hand is presently in his federal custody.

According to the filings of the court, Washington and Jordan went inside the music studio late night on 30th October, 2002 and shot Jason and also the other individual who was present along with him. The reason behind this was that Jason alleged acquisition of a large amount of cocaine that Jordan and Washington were to distribute.

Jay’s family has finally come up with their statement saying that they are really thankful to each and everyone for making this possible with their constant support. They are really blessed to get so much well wishes and condolences. While the best part is the Jason finally got justice after so many years.

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