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Tory Lanez gets removed from Jojo’s album ‘Good to Know’ after Tory faced serious accusations by Megan Thee Stallion!

JoJo has expelled Tory Lanez from her collection after Megan Thee Stallion blamed him for shooting her.

The 29-year-old vocalist teamed up with Tory on a tune for her collection, ‘Great to Know’, which was delivered back in May.

What’s more, after rapper Megan openly blamed Tory for messing her up in an episode that happened a month ago, JoJo has affirmed Tory won’t include in the up and coming choice version of her collection.

At the point when one fan requested that her expel him from the select variant – which will drop in the not so distant future – JoJo composed on Twitter: “Def took him TF off (sic)”

Megan blamed Tory for shooting her this week, subsequent to having recently stayed quiet on who her supposed shooter was notwithstanding Tory being accused of conveying a disguised weapon at that point.

During an Instagram Live on Thursday (08.20.20), Megan asserted that Tory’s marketing specialist has been spreading bogus data about the occurrence, which had incited her to approach with her rendition of occasions.

She stated: “Since you all diggers so stressed ‘session it, indeed, this ***** Tory shot me.”

She proceeded: “You shot me. Also, you got your marketing specialist and your kin heading off to these online journals lying and s***. Quit lying. Why lie? I don’t comprehend. I attempted to keep the circumstance off the web, yet you hauling it. You truly f****** hauling it.”

Megan proceeded to clarify that she was in a vehicle with Tory and a few others when a contention broke out and guaranteed he took shots at her after she chose to kick out and off leaving.

She stated: “Everyone in the vehicle contending. I’m in the front seat, this ***** in the secondary lounge.

“I get out the vehicle, I’m finished contending. I don’t wanna contend no more. I get out, I’m leaving. This *****, from outside the secondary lounge of the vehicle, begin shooting me. You shot me!”

Megan’s Instagram Live came soon after the Los Angeles Times announced that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is thinking about recording charges against Tory for supposedly shooting Megan.

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