These are the top 5 tracks by Justin Bieber which will make you want to be in love!

Justin Bieber reveals about his Lyme disease in his upcoming documentary. Picture: Instagram | @justinbieber

Who doesn’t know the very popular singer Justin Bieber. Every youngster must have listened to his famous, “baby” Song and it is indeed really good. The high school kids romance is just adorable and desire of many. The singer made his debut in the year 2009 and has been in the list of top 100 singers ever since then. The singer has always topped the chart and all his songs, from Baby to Yummy, all have got a lot of love and appreciation. So here we list down five such songs by him that’ll give you major relationship goals.

1. Let me love you

Once you listen to this song, that’s it, you will get hooked to it. This song is all today’s lovely couples need to hear. And for me, it is the best song sung by Justin Bieber. It has the magic in it that’ll make you fall in love with your partner again.

2. Somebody to love

This is the second song in the list. And it touches our hearts because ultimately, we all want somebody in our life who loves us and tells us that we hold utter importance in their life. Thus, people are able to relate themselves to this song.

3. U Smile

This song is for all those teenage couples who have hooked up newly. At that point of time the love is fresh and at its peak.

4. Love Yourself

This particular song is about to self love. It encourages a person to love himself because that’s the most necessary thing for everyone. You cannot love anyone else if you aren’t in love with yourself first.

5. Sorry

So what do you do when your partner is angry with you? Well, the best thing is to impress and cool them down by singing a beautiful song. And I don’t think there’s any song suiting this situation more than this one.