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The Walking Dead Star Lauren Cohan Stuns Fans With Her New Exciting Project !

It seems like after winning hearts with her acting in the popular horror drama series, The Walking Dead, one of the known cast member recently revealed one of her upcoming projects on social media.

Lauren Cohan Is A Part Of An Interesting Music Video!

Actress Lauren Cohan, who plays the role of Maggie and is a prominent member of the Walking Dead family, recently announced that she is going to be a part of Tom Petty’s music video titled Something Could Happen.

It would be interesting to see the actress in a music video unlike her character in the zombie-filled action story. The upcoming music video is directed by Warren Fu,  who has earlier worked with big names from the music industry including Snoop Dog, Kate Perry, The Weekend, and Dua Lipa as well. Here’s a small glimpse into the exciting new music video exclusively shared by the actress herself.


The Walking Dead Star Shared All The Details Of This Music Video.

The actress expressed her happiness and excitement for being a part of this musical project and also shares the link of Tom Petty’s Youtube page where the music video is expected to release on 8th December. This would be an interesting watch as fans are going to see Cohan in a whole new setting this time.

Lauren Cohan’s character Maggie has been an integral part of the Walking Dead franchise and recently reprised her role in the tenth season, the tenth season has been extended with a few episodes added and Cohan is going to be a part of it with more adventures to come along the way. Maggie’s journey is not over yet and there’s a lot to look forward to. 

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