The latest “Harry & Meghan” teaser trailer showcases an intense drama and the royal family’s internal disputes

Netflix’s New “Harry & Meghan” Trailer Revolves Around Controversy And Royal Family Tension

In the most shocking trailer for Harry & MeghanPrince Harry, Meghan Markle claimed that she was being thrown to the wolves.

Harry and Meghan

On Thursday morning, the show’s concluding three parts are scheduled for broadcast.

Harry and Meghan

In the video, which was made public at noon on Monday, Prince Harry does seem to indicate that the royal family was engaged in “institutional emotional manipulation.”

The middle of the three episodes, which will explore the couple’s choice to leave the UK, is anticipated to be more disparaging of the royals and British institutions.

Harry stated in the new trailer of Harry & Meghan that he was worried about what would have happened to both of them if they hadn’t escaped.

Harry & Meghan
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Meghan responded by stating that their protection was being withdrawn. She continued by saying that she was not being cast to the wolves but rather fed to them, and that everyone around the world knew exactly where they were.

In the trailer, Prince Harry does not make it obvious to whom he is referring when he claims that while people were willing to invent lies to protect his brother, they were never willing to speak the truth to protect Meghan and him.

prince harry and meghan

Harry said at the end of the trailer, which also includes images and video of the couple in their California home and with their kids, that he has always believed that this is a battle worth standing up for.

The show’s first three episodes focused on the couple’s rocky relationship with the media, which the Duchess of Sussex said was intended to “damage” her.

Backlash and the Royal Family Silence

Harry and Meghan
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Some people had strong reactions to the show, and one MP demanded that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex be deprived of their royal credentials.

The royal family has not yet made any official remarks about the show.

Although it was stated at the beginning of the broadcast that Buckingham Palace would not respond, the royal household claimed on Thursday that they had not been given the opportunity.

The Fascinating “Harry & Meghan” Official Trailers 1 and 2 can be seen below.