The Former Model Loni Willison Got Photographed Homeless and Barefooted

Snapshot Of Homeless Loni Willison

The former fitness model and a magazine cover girl, Loni Willison was seen barefoot on a street, pushing a shopping cart. She is also known for being an ex-wife of the star, Jeremy Jackson.

Jeremy and Loni got married in 2012 but after two years of togetherness they had split their ways.

Loni’s Appearance

Loni was seen walking on the street barefoot, she was wearing a black legging, an oversized blue denim shirt and a huge green scarf. She had a black cap on her and she was seen smoking a cigarette.

Snapshot of Loni Willison
Courtesy: Splash News

She was seen pushing a cart filled with her personal stuffs. Further, she was seen having a sip of a shake which she was carrying with her and a cup of ice-cream. She was also seen searching for stuff inside a dumpster.

Loni’s Struggle After Marriage

After splitting with Jeremy Jackson, Loni had faced a lot in her life. She faced many mental issues and health problems including anxiety. Further, she was a drug addict, which further complicated her life.

She is homeless for past four years and lives on the street of Los Angeles. In October 2018, Loni got disappeared and could not be found. Later, in 2020 she was seen on a street in a poor condition and got photographed by a reporter.

Snapshot of Loni Willison
Courtesy: Splash News

Further, on an interview with DailyMail, she explained that she became homeless in 2016 after losing her job. She used to work as an assistant at a cosmetic surgery center in Los Angeles. Further, she was also into real estates as an agent but the person under whom she was employed, denied to pay her. After which she started facing mental disorder.