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The Bond Girl, Halle Berry, 54, Revisits her Days of DIE ANOTHER DAY!! Recreates Iconic Hot Bikini Scene!!!

The Bond Girl Halle Berry wishes to go on a time travel to her days of DIE ANOTHER DAY!!!

The famous Ursula Andress scene gets recreated once again by Halle Berry. Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson played the scene in 2002’s Die Another Day. Pierce Brosnan was the opposite then in 007. A sizzling video came on Monday which amazed all of us. It was an attempt to plug her wellness brand and she was just very seductively emerging from the sea in Bikini.

Halle Berry feels it a bit daunting to be compared to any other actress…

It was a direct replica of Andress’s iconic scene in 1962’s Dr. No. Honey Ryder was the character them and she emerged from the seas. It was a very daunting scene for Halle it seems. She said it with anger that she was honored (sarcasm) to be compared with another actress or human being. There is no health and fitness advocate better than Halle.

Her platform. Respin was launched back in 2018. The Bond Babe looks the same as she was 18 years back. Instagram got no chills by seeing Halle’s extremely seductive movement in the form of a racy video clip on Monday. The actress is presently 54 years of age and she never feels shy in flaunting her slim trim well-toned body in an ornate black string Bikini.

Her shoot miles back from 2020…

The way she smiles at the surf was so much identical to that of Jinx’s emergence from waters.36 years was the actress’s age when she played the role of Jinx and she admitted that it was a lovely adventure for her to be a part in the Bond, it was fun! That time Jinx was wearing an orange bikini with a belt and blade and clutching two shells.

Halle is a wonder woman at 54!

The two-piece also had a belt and knife attachment. Halle is quite smart because even at this age she never hesitates on engaging in yoga poses or even punching a bag with boxing gloves. A black one-piece bathing suit was also modeled by the siren, she looked beguiling because the sands and her graceful smile made the day of the directors!

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