Taylor Swift Teases Fans With Cryptic Video From the Vault: ‘Happy Decoding’

Taylor Swift is known for dropping Easter eggs for her fans and keeping in mind that she’s never been timid about giving them barely enough data, she actually figures out how to cause them to remain alert. The pop vocalist did it again subsequent to sharing a coded video on Twitter and subtitled it with, “The vaulted entryway is going to be just about as unhinged as you’ll suspect I am after you watch this video. Level: Expert. Cheerful unraveling!”

Taylor Swift Teases Fans With Cryptic Video From the Vault: 'Happy Decoding'

Quick fans promptly overflowed the remark segment trying to sort out the thing pieces of information she’s giving this time. The truth will surface eventually if any of the theories are exact. One individual nitty-gritty, “Alright, things to know… ‘bye’ and ‘you’ are both in here, yet in reverse. Which made me think the letters were simply mixed. however, ‘RM’ is nothing mixed. Which made me think figure. However, ‘Genaurift’ appears to lucid for your normal replacement figure.” Someone else kidded, “Here is the words somebody brilliant sort it out.” Another fan speculated she might be joining powers with down-home music star Keith Urban. “Alright, so we have YAOM including MM Mr. Perfectly Fine One melody highlighting Keith Urban.”

Various different fans dove into her remarks trying to sort out the message she is attempting to send. A few took photos of their scratch pads with different words on them, while others included pieces of information from an earlier time and put together them with respect to what they’re seeing at this point. Once more, the truth will surface eventually who’s truly on to something.

Taylor Swift Teases Fans With Cryptic Video From the Vault: 'Happy Decoding'

As of late, Swift declared she would be re-delivering her sophomore collection, Fearless, as a component of her choice to re-record her initial six collections, she shared that the new form would incorporate six new melodies “From the Vault.” The artist said she would be delivering the first of those new tunes on Thursday, selecting Maren Morris for the already unheard “You All Over Me (From The Vault).