“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” star John Boyega open up about racism

The 28 year old British-Nigerian actor and producer John Boyega speaks about his struggle in speaking about racism. The actor recently in an interview expressed his views and personal thoughts over racism. He said that silence can be very expensive. From his statements it looks like the actor wanted to speak up about the issue since very long. In fact, John has said it quite politely. He said that he don’t want to bury anyone and he know that he is quite late speaking against it.

Courtesy: Instagram

“Privilege could really trip you up” said the actor

John said that if you are rich, it is easier to look like an a******. When he came into the industry, he said that he did not got equal opportunity. John said that have privileges matter a lot here [in the industry].

Other than the issue of racism, John also told about his personal experience as new commer in the Hollywod industry. In an interview with “The Times”, John said that there need to be more youth clubs in London. Whatever he is today, it is all because of the youth clubs in London, said the actor. John also said that his inspiration is Johnny Depp. It was Johnny Depp who inspired him to try his destiny in Hollywood and he immediately dropped out from his university. The actor said that the idea of coming to Hollywood came into his mind when he saw Johnny Depp in “Pirates of the Caribbean” .

However, his father was a bit unsure of the decision John took. But when he was coming to Los Angeles, it was his dad who told him not get face off due to any obstacle.