Southern Charm’s Shep Rose Admits to CHEATING on Girlfriend Taylor Green: ‘We’ve Had a Few Hiccups’!!!


Shep Rose is confessing all. During section one of the Southern Charm reunion that broadcasted on Thursday night, the 41-year-old star opened up about how he and his girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green, recently experienced a difficult situation in their relationship, that elaborate the Bravo star being faithless.

Shep Rose’s Confession To Cheating Was Shocking

Uncovered after his individual castmates praised him for settling down with his girlfriend during the Season 7 reunion uncommon, Shep Rose told the gathering and host, Andy Cohen, “We had a couple of hiccups,” before likewise taking note of, “There were some instant messages.” Further pushed to clarify more after Craig Conover said, “You made out with a young lady,” Rose point by point, “I kissed a young lady in a flight of stairs and that is all it was.”

shep rose admits to cheating

“It was a past love interest and we were messaging … and nothing ever happened to it,” he added. “It was a snapshot of shortcoming. I was drinking, yet that is all it was and I’ll go to my grave realizing that that is valid.” Rose, who has been dating Green since recently, proceeded to say that while confessing all regarding his duping wasn’t ideal — or something to be romanticized as costar Leva Bonaparte hinted — the episode carried the pair to a more grounded, better spot in their relationship.”

Monogamy Is What They Are Seeking

She goes, ‘Look, I scorn what occurred and it hurt me a great deal, be that as it may, I’d prefer to remain with you. I’m infatuated with you. You satisfy me,'” he said of the discussion the couple shared. “What’s more, we cried and it resembled a serious deal.” Rose recently talked openly about the present status of his relationship during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live in front of the Southern Charm reunion prior to the month.


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Sharing that they have met each other’s folks and spend a ton of evenings with each other, notwithstanding not actually living respectively, Shep Rose likewise said that Green coexists with everybody in his inward circle. A year ago, during an alternate appearance on WWHL in November, the Bravo star likewise examined his relationship with Green and opened up about how he’s acclimating to monogamy in the wake of opposing the idea for such a long time. Rose imparted that digging in at home to his adoration in the midst of the continuous COVID-19 pandemic gave him no decision — except for it was very charming.


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