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Shocking revelation about Chris Rock: he suffers from Non-verbal Learning Disorder and apparently can understand ‘just words’! Check this out.

Chris Rock has recently revealed a shocking fact about him. He said that his understanding of things is limited to communication done non verbally. The actor said that he has a disease known as non verbal learning disorder. Chris also elaborated about what this condition actually is. However, you’ll be glad to know that he does a lot of hard work to get over this. The actor disclosed that he is indulged in a seven hours therapy every week to get over this problem. Thus, he contributes one hour everyday to prevent his childhood trauma.

Recently, the American comedian had an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. He talked about this disorder in the same interview, before which hardly someone knew about this. This situation of the actor is ultimately affecting his relationship with others. The worst thing is that he can’t understand non verbal signals in any social situation. And somewhere or the other, he feels bad about this fact.

In addition, he also told that he had to go through a cognitive tests series which was of nine long hours. And after that he got to know that he is suffering from such a non verbal communication disease. Chris said that he could only understand words and nothing else. However, this has a good effect too, it helps him write jokes but these also are not too great.

Chris further says that about 80% of the conversations happen non verbally. And failure in understanding this has made him feel a bit uncomfortable. However, now the actor is seeking help from two therapists and will hopefully be able to get over this non verbal communication disease very soon. And we wish the haters do not start trolling him for this.

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