SHOCKING!!! Click to know What Makes Everyone Think That Angelina Jolie is a CIA ASSET!!!

Angelina is a Spy??? That’s a big question now. Certain shreds of evidence are saying that Angelina might be a CIA asset. However, this is not confirmed yet. Read out the blog post to know what are those shreds of evidence making people feel Angelina Jolie is a Spy.


Who is Angelina Jolie???

Most probably, you all know Angelina Jolly. After all, she is one of the famous celebrities of the Entertainment Industry.

Well, Angelina Jolly has won the hearts of many through her acting skills in spy adventurous movies.

However, recently there is some rumor or you can call it a piece of news going on about Angelina Jolly which states that Angelina might be a real CIA spy. Well, let’s check this out by divulging deeper into the post.


What makes people wonder if Angelina Jolie is a Spy?

According to ‘The Sun’, the UK Tabloid, Angelina Jolie might have relationships with the CIA and might be a CIA asset. There are certain shreds of growing dossier evidence leading to this conclusion.

The ‘Leading Expert’ on the relationship between Hollywood and the US government claims that the 45-year-old actress might be recruited as an asset by the CIA. However, this might have happened at some point in the 2000s.

Certain evidence that suggests Angelina can be a spy of the CIA are pointed out below on which you can have a look:

Angelina has held meetings with the director of the CIA. Also, it is claimed that Angelina has a role in the downfall of the CIA Director.

Apart from this, Angelina has also worked in two movies during which she spoke to CIA agents. the two movies in which the actress was starred were supported by the CIA.

Strengthening the claim that the 45-year-old can be a spy, the news in which Angelina was accused by foreign Politicians of being a CIA asset adds.

Also, her joining of Washington D.C.’s most influential foreign policy makes experts believe that Angelina might be really a secret agent.

Adding to all the above evidence, Angelina interviewing the outgoing boss of one of the strongest allies of the CIA, the UK’s M16 secret service.


Although, there are no words out from the CIA regarding this topic and it is more tilted towards Entertainment gossip. However, we can’t deny the fact that the CIA has a connection with Hollywood for a very long time. Though we have the evidence tilting to the fact that Angelina is a spy. Nothing is out officially except that the claims as there are also many who claim that Angelina can never be a spy. She is the one who mostly wishes to do welfare.

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