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Sharon Stone Explains The Reason For Not Dating Anymore

The actress is tired of all the insincerity and games

Sharon Stone shared that she is not dating anymore, as she finds people to be “insincere” and not worth it.

The Basic Instinct actor appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show on Wednesday, where she spoke about her experiences that led to her taking this decision, saying she’s “had it with dating.”

Spending time with family


The 62-year-old star said that she’s done with dating, and has had it, repeating that people are insincere and not worth her time. She added that she enjoys her time alone or with her kids and friends more.

When Barrymore replied saying it to be a phenomenon that keeps happening, Sharon made a witty remark, saying she doesn’t feel like needing another kid to look after, making Barrymore laugh. She continued by saying that relationships come with insincerity, bologna, and playing games, which she doesn’t want any part of.

Stone also acknowledged that she doesn’t know how to convey her feelings in a matter that is deemed “politically correct,” and believed that men and women “aren’t at the same place right now.”

She said that while she has really good male friends, men and women are at different emotional levels when it comes to relationships. This led to Barrymore asking how she is parenting her three sons, Quinn, 14, Laird Vonne, 15, and Roan, 20.

Stone said that whenever her sons are having guy conversations in front of her, and then say they shouldn’t be doing this in front of her, she asks them the reason for having that talk. She added that boys and men have certain fears and misunderstandings about their roles, and “what it means to be masculine and important,” and she tries to teach her sons that that’s just what they are – misunderstandings.

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