Seth Rogen Calls Out Emmys 2021 for Not Following Covid-19 Norms!

Seth Rogen Slams Emmy For Not Following Safety Amid The Pandemic

Actor Seth Rogen started this year’s Emmy by mocking the Hollywood for breaking rules. The actor started his speech by talking about the attendees present for the show. He also asked that the show was supposed to be conducted in outdoors. But unfortunately the stars were under the ‘hermetically-sealed tent’.

And he was supported by many twitter users in the social media. All the users felt discriminated by this act and slammed the Hollywood.

However, the Emmy’s went on to continue when host Cedric assured all were vaccinated.

The Emmy's 2021 was hosted by Cedric The Entertainer
Instagram/ Emmys

Seth Rogen Roasts The Crowd ‘Ironically’

People laud Seth Rogen for this huge step he too in order to maintain ‘equality’ maybe. Rogen was the first to present the award, which made him to speak up on safety.

He said how big the crowd was and that too packed in a sealed tent. He seemed disappointed as he was in a sealed tent. Even Eugene Levy was pulled in as Rogen said, “keeping him alive was important.”

So the decision to conduct Emmy was done last month. And Emmy’s representative stated that changes were made after consulting health and safety experts.

General Public Reaction And Leading Nomination

Since pandemic events were conducted in social-distance. And Emmy witnessed celebrities without masks, hugging and kissing each other.

Seth Rogen, opened eyes to these kind of violations. He was not angry nor serious while delivering his 76 seconds speech. He was laughing and smiling throughout.

Seth Rogen Calls Out Emmys 2021 for Not Following Covid-19 Norms!
CBStv | Instagram

Many took to social media to slam Hollywood. Also asked whether covid-19 norms are only ‘for general public?’.

However, The Mandalorian and The Crown ruled the Nominations. Followed by WandaVision and Ted Lasso. Emmy 2021 will be remembered only for Rogen. He stole the show with mocking his fellow actors ironically.

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