Seoul Court took Daisy’s Side; Made ex-agency to Pay her Earnings!

The court took Daisy’ side

The court has sided with the former Momoland member Daisy in her lawsuit against ex agency MLD Entertainment concerning her unpaid earnings.

Where it all started?

Back in July, 2016, MLD Entertainment debuted Momoland, the all girls South Korean group through the audition program “Finding Momoland”. Daisy whose legal name is Yoo Jung Ahn was eliminated during the show. However she managed to be a part of the group in 2017 by signing a exclusive contract with MLD Entertainment.

Momoland | Instagram

This all started when the agency cut 66 million won (almost 55,238 USD) from Daisy’ earnings which was the show’s total production cost. They stated that at the time she had been one of the tenth contestant in the show “Finding Momoland” and suppose to pay one tenth of the production cost of 660 million won.

Daisy sued MLD Entertainment as it was unfair to withhold part of her earnings tot cover the production cost which occurred before signing the contract.

In the context, the agency stated that it is not a problem because according to the contract Daisy is suppose to cover 100 percent of the content production cost which incurred before the debut.

The court’s order

Seoul Central District Court took Daisy’ side. On 10th of October they declared that MLD Entertainment shall have to pay her unpaid earnings which is 79.26 million won. The court stated that the contract is effective from the date on which it is established. They also cleared that the “before debut” phrase in the contract means that it starts from the date of signing. Also there is no evidence that says it is a practice in the entertainment industry.

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On 11th of November it was revealed from a source of the agency that MLD Entertainment has also filed an appeal against Daisy which is still in process.