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Selena Gomez QUITS Hillsong..!!! Following Pastor Carl Lentz’s CHEATING SCANDAL..!!!

This may lead to shock for many of Selena Gomez’s fans. Selena Gomez has reportedly quit Hillsong. Yes, this is the truth. She turned her back on the church after being a keen follower for years.

Selena Gomez QUITS Hillsong..!!! Following Pastor Carl Lentz's CHEATING SCANDAL..!!!

Moreover, we all know that even Justin Bieber was closely associated with the church. Many feel that Selena had commenced distancing herself from the church since her breakup with him.

Well, let’s see what compelled her to quit Hillsong.

According to the basis, Selena Gomez quit Hillsong following the pastor Carl Lentz’s cheating scandal. Sources claim that she becomes ‘bitterly disillusioned’ with the church since her breakup with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, who is closely related to it.

It was Carl Lentz’s affair that was reportedly the decisive straw for Selena Gomez.

An insider told the source, “At one period she cherished Carl. She, Brian, his daughter Laura, and Justin were a squad, really close.

“Now she doesn’t need anything to do with Hillsong anymore.”

More on Carl Lentz cheating scandal

Last month, Carl Lentz was kicked out of the popular church after several ‘moral failures’ that were later disclosed as him cheating on his wife.

Carl and his wife, who has been married for 17 years and share three children moved from the east coast of the US to Los Angeles last month in a try to regain their marriage.

Lentz run Hillsong’s megachurch in New York City and had been outstanding among its many celebrity followers including Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and his wife Hailey and Kevin Durant, NBA player.

Selena Gomez QUITS Hillsong..!!! Following Pastor Carl Lentz's CHEATING SCANDAL..!!!

Furthermore, New York fashion designer Ranin Karima, after he was fired he went public few days, admitting she was the one who had been with Lentz.

It’s since been contended she wasn’t the only one.

Brian Houston, Hillsong founder said “it was more than one affair, that was crucial. And at least some bad moral attitude had gone back historically but not necessarily those affairs.”

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