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Romany Malco doesn’t want anyone to look at his scenes in the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin! What is the reason behind that?

You must have heard a lot of behind the scenes incidents, some funny, some emotional, some tragic, some sad. But what we are gonna tell you today is something really different. Ever heard that an actor did the whole shooting and then wanted to delete all of it. Well, if not, we are here to introduce you with one such incident, read about it below.

The 40 years old virgin show brought a turning point in actor Romany Malco’s life. However, after filming of the show completed he went up to the director, Judd Apatow and requested him to delete all his scenes. He said that he was literally begging the director to remove all his scenes. And his reaction was quite obvious. He said that they can’t delete his scenes and also said that it is funny of him to say so. But don’t you want to know why he asked the director to do such? Well, here’s the answer.

The actor asked Judd Apatow to remove his scenes because content of the show was R rated and thus, his family, to be more specific his mother would not receive it well. He said that his mother is ordained minister. He was really frightened to present such a show before his mother however, the consequences was totally surprising for him because it turned out to be well received by everyone, even the fans. Reactions of his mom was unexpected by him. She along with her church friends went to see the movie several times. And this made him really happy.

Indeed, it was a big turning point in his life. The incredible acting and performance done by him got a lot of appreciation and he got a lot of offers after that. And his career graph took a huge jump towards its peak.

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