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Rihanna is being bashed out on Twitter over her Fenty Beauty connections with Indian Mines using Child Labour!!!

Owned by Rihanna, Fent Beauty’s connections with the mine in Jharkhand, a state in India, that uses child labour for mining Mica are exposed. Due to this outrage going on World Wide, Rihanna is facing outrage over her Fenty Beauty procuring make-up ingredients from those mines. Scroll down to know what the Twitter users are saying!!!


Fenty Beauty’s connections with Mines using Child Labour!

The NGO namely, Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) filed a complaint with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) against ‘Fenty Beauty’. ‘Fenty Beauty’ is the skincare and wellness brand owned by Rihanna in 2017. LRO has accused that Fenbtuy Beauty does not have any correct documents proving that it does not use Mica obtained from the mines in Jharkhand, India, which uses child labour who work in dire conditions. It has asked Fenty Beauty to prove that it has required certification (Supply chain clearance certification) for the same.

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The pop star is facing outrage on Twitter:

After the news spread on social media, Rihanna is facing outrages from worldwide. Twitter users are bashing out her and her brand, Fenty Beauty. Many expressions and reactions are seen on various social media platforms.

One of the Twitter users wrote that Rihanna Fenty Beauty brand is under the lens in India for using mica from mines which are hiring child labour.



Another user asks her to stop using real mica from those mines.

The brutal videos of children working in dire conditions are everywhere on social media platforms.

People are definitely not happy with all this news coming out. This is really brutal and unbearable. The kids working there are going through harsh conditions.

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