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Quintessa Swindell is all set to portray Cyclone in Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Black Adam’.

2020 has brought happy news for “Trinkets” star Quintessa Swindell’s fans. She has been casted in DC’s Black Adam along with Dwayne Johnson. The movie may drop out in 2021. She will play the role of Cyclone in the movie. Actually the cast of the movie has really big names. Aldis Hodge and our favourite “To All the Boys I Have Loved Before” Noah Centineo are also in the movie.

Quintessa’s character have a very major role to play in the plot of the movie. Cyclone is a junior member of the justice society. The character has a power to manipulate wind and sound.

Quintessa for now is shooting for HBO’s “In Treatment”. She is opposite to Uzo Aduba in the series.

Swindell was also the part of HBO’s Euphoria. She is also expected to be seen “Voyagers”. She will be casted opposite to Colin Farrell and Tye Sheridan. Comin back to up Quintessa’s character as Cyclone, this is a character which first appeared in Kingdome Come in 1996. This character is creation of 2 artists (Alex Ross and Dale Eaglesham) and 2 writers (Mark Waid and Geoff Johns). The real name of Cyclone is Maxine Hunkel. She is also the granddaughter of Red Tornado who herself was a superheroine.

Certainly, Quintessa is sort of going to make a history as she will be the one who will lead to make Cyclone’s first cinematic debut. Hope you all know that Black Adam is just a part of DC’s extended universe. Black Adam was supposed to be a villain in DC’s movies. He also appeared as a villain during 1940s. He then became an anti-hero in early 200s.

Dwayne Johnson is also producing the movie along with Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia.

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