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Portia de Rossi just slammed her ex partner Ellen DeGeneres with $500 million divorce case with the adoption battle already going on.

Patch ups, break ups, marriages and divorce keeps happening when it comes to entertainment industry. And it becomes a huge buzz if any such things happens with them. Well, we at Morning Picker are back again with one such story. So are you curious to know who is in the news now?

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi tied knots with each other a decade ago. And now finally the couple is ready to adopt a child after such a long time. However, this is not the actual topic of the moment. Before their decisions, they had some marital issues going on between them. Well, what was the reason for their fights?

So the matter of the fight was that Ellen is a kinda person who remains busy in his official work the whole day, while de Rossi always wanted to spend some quality time with him. And this, although being a small issue lead to a huge difference between them.

But forgetting whatever happened, they want to make a fresh start. And adopting a child would bridge the gap between the couple. The idea of adoption first came into Ellen’s mind and he successfully convinced de Rossi too. The there was news that both of them were looking for a good adoption agency.

Unfortunately, the plan failed drastically because de Rossi felt like she is being neglected by DeGeneres. Thus, she dropped the plan of adoption and went against his wishes. Both of them are now set to divorce each other. We hope the things to fall in the right place, as the fans do not appreciate the lovely couple getting separated. They have also done a lot for the society. They have a wildlife fund for supporting endangered species too.

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