Paulina Porizkova reveals that her nude Vogue cover was ‘unretouched’!!!

Paulina Porizkova as of late made headlines for presenting “full-frontal bare” on the front of Vogue CS at the age of 56, and now the supermodel is revealing the reality behind the NSFW photoshoot.

Porizkova affirmed that the photograph was “unretouched,” standing up against initial pundits who claimed that it had been.

“It resembles, no, no, no … it was Marie [Tomonova’s] photography” she proceeded. “Clearly, you could take a much more terrible picture than that of me, however, you wouldn’t want to see that on the cover, right?”

Paulina Porizkova reveals that her nude Vogue cover was 'unretouched'!!!

In the photograph, the Czech-conceived Swedish supermodel is seen wearing a black, sheer bodysuit, which essentially covers practically nothing. In her new meeting, Porizkova admitted that she actually had no idea the photographs would make the front of the magazine, assuming they would twist up pushed to the back pages someplace. “I just an idea we were messing around, honestly,” she said of the “casual” photoshoot. “You know, we were all hanging out, speaking Czech, having a happy time taking a few pictures … I figured we’d have a page or two toward the back of Vogue.”

The huge photoshoot commemorated the 40th anniversary of when Porizkova initially appeared on the front of Vogue Germany when she was a teenager.

“My absolute first Vogue cover was in May 1981, and it was a limit close-up on my face,” she recalled. “I was 16 and I thought, ‘Wow, the pinnacle of a career is to be on a Vogue cover.’ And then it came out, and you can’t tell what its identity is. It’s simply nearby of eyes and a nose. I resembled, ‘Gracious, great, thanks.'”

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