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“No Doubt” will probably not get back together reveals Gwen Stefani

The 51 year old singer who is also a musician, fashionista and television artist Gwen Stefani has got to tell us something. Gwen was talking on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday. The host of the asked her about latest updates on “No Doubt”. When this amazing Tragic Kingdom was celebrating its 25th anniversary it was quite nostalgic moments, said Gwen. She said that she was feeling kind of grief and it was really a strange feeling.

Gwen said that she was not sure that she would feel like this.

Apparently, this album was written when Gwen was going through a very serious breakup with Tony Kanal who was her “No Doubt” bandmate

Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal in high school. | Gwen stefani, Tony kanal, Tony
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Gwen Stefani said that everything started with her and her brother. Then gradually, other members started joining them. One of them was Gwen’s boyfriend. She said that her breakup became the reason of ending of Tragic Kingdom. Gwen indirectly was talking about the pain she was going through because her 7 year old relationship ended tragically. Gwen while talking about those times was feeling very nostalgic. She said that even when somebody still talk about “tragic kingdom” her heart still aches. She still feels broken. Further, Gwen added that those songs refers to very sad time for her.

The group has performed together multiple times– most recently in 2014

The group has performed recently in 2014 at Global Citizen Festival. Their last album was out in 2012 which was known as “Push and Shove”. However, in 2013, the group decided to go halt.

Gwen also revealed that she has no idea about what is the future of the band. In fact she cannot believe that she has given her 30 years to this wonderful band.

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