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New Romance enters Brian Austin Green’s life… however not much time has passed since Megan Fox filed for divorce. Is Moving On that EASY??

A new romance enters Brian Austin Green’s life…..however it’s not much time has passed since Megan Fox filed for a divorce. Is moving on that easy??

There has been an official declaration that Megan Fox and Austin Green will split. Its completely over between them and there is nothing you can do about it. Since the divorce has been already filed, Brian Austin Green has no other option other than moving on. The official divorce papers were filed in the Los Angels County Superior Court when Brian was 47 and Megan Fox was 34.

No attempts of reconciliation…..

There is no way of reconciliation because Brian decided to come to terms with the Breakup, she did nothing to cope up with the divorce. The relationship is completely ruined but might be it’s for their good. A new romance has started with Machine Gun Kelly, by the way, I am talking about Megan. Well, both Tina Louise and Jennifer Flynn have been linked with Brian.

Time to move-on because moving on is a part of life…

The amazing fact is Brian is not at all moping in his heartbreak. The romance of Megan and MGK have’ t caught fire yet. The opposition is Brian is trying to date right now. He is not a kind of a serious Romeo and is acceptable to a new relationship. A cool, surfer girl is his choice and his dwelling place in Malibu. Don’t misunderstand him to be a womanizer, it’s just a way of moving on because life is all about accepting new things!

Who should the law support Megan or Brian?

Megan has 3 kids however-Noah 8, Bodi 6, and Journey 4, and Brian owns the custody of all of them. On November 25 Brian’s court documents were filed because he wants anyhow to win over the joint custody. According to my, there is no dynamic when there is co-parenting, and the same thinking goes for Brian as well. According to my, parenting should always be shared and yes Brian is taking the right decision in fighting for it.

Spousal or domestic partner support is another thing, which Brian is looking for. He is a good man because he wants both Megan and him to be paid for this. Megan however wants to terminate the possibility anyhow. She does not agree with the fact that Brian should receive spousal support? Whom do you all think is right in the eyes of Jesus?

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