Netizens are angrily commenting on Kim Kardashian’s this BLACKFISHING social media post…!! Take a look here!!!

Blackfishing is a term used to describe someone who is white but is pretending to be black. It can also be any other mixed-race and the exposure occurs particularly on social media. Kim Kardashian is under a lot of discussions these days. The American socialite has been accused of blackfishing. The actress is presently forty years old but trust me she does not look like one.


She is dressed in a totally brown outfit and she also has with her a brown heart. What has come to notice is Kardashian’s hand. The hand appeared to be in a much lighter tone and it never matched the rest of her body. The clip which she posted was viewed over a million times. Believe me, the clip was just six seconds and it raised the immense amount of angry reactions from fans.

Netizens called out Kardashian for attempting to appear black. Some people are even accusing her of blackfishing. The social media star is not conscious of her true color and she just wants to pretend to be black! Kardashian is actually misleading people. She is also promoting KKW make-up by comparing her hands — one with and one without make-up.

One of the netizens commented as to whose hand was that? One of them commented that her hands looked completely uncooked. Another one posted a meme of a lady initially irritated by the celebrity’s looks but when she came across the celebrity’s hands, she got completely puzzled up. Another one judged her by saying that she was in denial of her skin color.

Another one objected by saying she must actually be stopped. Another one directly criticized her by saying she was blackfishing. The most interesting among them all was that she had forgotten to tan her hand.