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“Nakano Oceana Valderrama” and her Beauty~ Wilmer Valderrama reveals the name of her new born daughter and explains the meaning of the name

Welcoming there new infant, Wilmer and his fiancé has gave their baby a beautiful name. Their daughter looks very adorable and is healthy. Its been one month to her daughter and the NCIS actor has finally came out revealing his daughter name. He also posted a very beautiful picture of his daughter along with his fiancé.

In a discussion with People, Wilmer said that naming his daughter was a bit exciting because everyone have their own opinion. Moreover, when the new parents revealed their baby’s name, it created a uninvited debate at their home. Some of their family members thought that it is old fashion or not that good while half of the family though that the name is very beautiful.

Wilmer thinks that the significance behind the name is very allure and strong

He said that the meaning behind the name is very strong. The inspiration for the name comes from the two’s revolutionary trip to Japan. Here they exchanged their first “I love you”. Big apologue for the two pair as this needs a lot of brain. Wilmer also said that he felt like there is something very spiritual about Japan.

Credit: Instagram

The way Wilmer has described his trip to Japan along with fiancé, it definitely tells ones that he cannot get over to that trip. He said that the trip really touched them and it was just amazing. Further he added that the scenes there were eye opening. That was the trip which made them realized that they are meant to be together.

Nakano is something unique and different said Wilmer

He said that his daughter’s middle name is a tribute to Pacheco. Further, his fiancé is very found of ocean so that is a tribute to her mom.


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