Muhammad Ali : New PBS Documentary Provides Deep Details of his Life

Muhammad Ali ‘Returns’ Through Ken Burns Documentary

Muhammad Ali, life and career is once again brought to life with a new documentary. Ken Burns does the honour of directing the 8 hour series. And sheds light on the deepest part of his career and personal life.

For Burns, this documentary is an advancement in his career. As he goes on to tell the story no one has heard or unrevealed. It can be put as where ‘story meets subject’.

The show goes on to tell right from his career to his last match. And the discrimination he faced during his career. Muhammad Ali is still considered as the face of boxing.

Ken Burns directs the new documentary on Muhammad Ali's life
Instagram/ Ken Burns

Muhammad Ali Documentary Review

The boxing legend Muhammad Ali was renowned for his cocky attitude and style. However, his fame did not fade away amidst such things. The documentary focuses the story of Ali from the beginning.

Ali had the tendency to foretell his match results, for which he was famous. However, he was both loved and hated. One of the main story in the series is of his last match with Floyd Patterson. So basically Ali was a showman and had to do things which would stir-up the opponent.

The documentary goes on to tell how Muhammad Ali managed to play by several rules. He also took boxing to another level making it the most loved sports of viewers.

And Burns also sheds light on Ali’s religious love, his wives and controversial matches.

Ken Burns Illustrates The Unspoken

The premiere date for Muhammad Ali's documentary was celebrated by many
Instagram/ PBS

In this amazing documentary Burns states many things about Ali’s life in boxing. One such matter is of the fight with Joe Frazier. Ali mocks Frazier with typical racial comments. Which is still a mystery to boxing fans.

Muhammad Ali’s personal life was something controversial. The documentary goes on to interview hid four wives regarding his life. His third marriage was actually an illegal commitment. He married his third wife Veronica without being separated with Belinda, his second wife. However, this scenario was kept outside the media.

The documentary shows the master-boxers life from the scratch to the top.

The show premieres from September 19 at 8 P.M ET on PBS.